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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Birth Injury

When something as awful as a birth injury happens to cross paths with you, it is important to know that a birth injury lawyer is just a phone call away. No one can possibly know the trauma and heartache a person must be feeling when dealing with an issue like this, and so information in regard to birth injury lawyers is not easy to find in many cases.
You should know as someone going through this that you don’t have to do it yourself. By contacting a birth injury lawyer you can get valuable information to help you along the path you are desperately struggling to get through. A birth injury lawyer can also be someone of support and empathy during these hard times, but for the most part they will help to seek justice where justice is due. A birth injury lawyer can make sure a birth injury lawsuit is done properly and with as much care as possible.
It is important to keep in mind that not all birth injuries are due to negligence. It is hard to keep this in perspective when you are a person suffering the outcome of a birth injury. A birth injury lawyer works with qualified medical professionals to help in discovering what happened, how it happened, and why it happened.
If it turns out that the birth injury is due to malpractice or negligence, the birth injury lawyer will help you to get compensated fairly. If findings of an investigation lead to evidence that the birth injury was not caused by malpractice or negligence, at least you will have the peace of mind knowing there was nothing anyone could have done to make the outcome different than it is.
When choosing your attorney, make sure you choose a qualified professional that specializes in the field. A lawyer who deals with auto accidents will not be able to help you to the degree that you need the help most. Your family lawyer probably will not be able to offer specific help in this matter either, but they may be able to refer you to a birth injury lawyer that can. Referrals are your best bet if you can find one; because it means that the person you are referred to is known as doing extremely well in their field of work. What this means to you is the highest fighting chance you can have when it comes to an issue as delicate as this one.

Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker
Betty Crocker is an icon that many of us have grown up with through the years. Betty Crocker is synonymous with cookbooks and cake mixes. Of course, this is not all! The name Betty Crocker has historical significance as well. The name “Betty Crocker” was developed to market products to homemakers, and created from combining the last name of a retired company executive, William Crocker, and a pleasant, comfortable female name, Betty. According to an online source, General Mills became inundated with requests for recipes and baking suggestions, and to make the responses more personal, the company responded with letters using the signature of a secretary who won an office contest. Betty Crocker now seemed even more credible and personable. This was in 1921 and this same signature is still used today. In 1924 the first Betty Crocker School of the Air, the nation’s first cooking show aired on the radio. It was so popular that it continued for another 24 years. In 1936 an artist combined the features of the women who worked in the company’s home department in the official likeness of “Betty Crocker”, which has changed throughout the years to keep up with the times.
Now we’re all clear on the fact that Betty Crocker was never a real person (she was voted the most popular woman in the country second to Eleanor Roosevelt!) let’s move on to all those great Betty Crocker recipes and products. The first Betty Crocker cook book was made available to homes throughout the nation in 1950. It was called the “Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book”. It has now been republished in all its original glory and is available online at or at your local book store. This cook book is complete with black and white and color pictures and illustrations, and covers everything from the most basic of recipes to the most complex, including tips on food selection, presentation, and table settings. A very dated suggestion made to overworked cooks in the kitchen, was to lie on the kitchen floor for 3-5 minutes to rest. Crazy! Can you imagine doing that now? Most of us would probably choose the couch or recliner over our kitchen floor. My, how times have changed.
Betty Crocker products fill every kitchen in the country. The brownie and cake mixes are absolutely fantastic, and become easier and easier to make all the time. Our lifestyles have become so hectic that not many people have time to spend in the kitchen baking. Betty Crocker products have become more convenient so that we can still come home and bake something fresh in relatively little time, and it’s so easy, that even the kids can do it! That’s my kind of cooking – no fuss, no muss!! Betty Crocker will be there for our kids, just as she was for us, our parents, and their parents, in our pantries and our cupboards. Betty Crocker is an American icon!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Pregnancy Test Online

When you suspect that you are pregnant it is naturally the focus of many of your thoughts. Finding out whether or not you are going to have a baby becomes very important.
There are several types of pregnancy tests that you can purchase at your local pharmacy or convenience store. Most of these tests give you very quick and accurate results.
For some women, especially younger women, it can be overwhelming to walk into a store and purchase one of the tests. For these women there is an easy accessible alternative that allows them to purchase a pregnancy test online.
There are many online websites that offer pregnancy tests to the consumer. All you do is search for a store that ships to your area you can then order the pregnancy test online.
In most cases these are the same tests that are being sold in your local stores. It’s also common for the price of the pregnancy test online to be comparable to one that you pick up yourself.
When you order a pregnancy test online the shipping time varies depending on a few factors. If you can locate a store that is within your vicinity that sells a pregnancy test online than you should order from there. You might be able to secure delivery for the same day or the next day.
If you’re not in a rush when you order a pregnancy test online than you can have it shipped from another location. If price is more important than a speedy delivery than do a bit of comparative shopping for a pregnancy test online and choose a brand name kit at a good price.
Another twist on buying a pregnancy test online is to order the kit online and then pick it up at the store. This can be a good alternative if your local store is busy. Using this method gives you a chance to look over the different brands of pregnancy test kits and then choose one that you trust.
After you order the pregnancy test online you then drive over to the store to pick it up. Your online invoice will explain when your order will be ready for pick-up. If the store delivers you can choose this option as well.
In either case after you’ve ordered the pregnancy test online you won’t have to wait in a long line to pay for it. This way you can take the test and find out the results in as little time as possible.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Anxiety Disorder Treatments

In the fifties and sixties they had it, but it was less present in the typical nine-to-fiver and it was not nearly as complicated: I’m talking about anxiety disorder or panic disorder—a malaise characterized by what are today called anxiety attacks that feature symptoms that simulate those of the sympathomimetic system (the fight-or-flight state) in overdrive: increased heart rate; edgy/nervous, “stinking” thinking; intense feelings of dread or impending doom; impeding, irrational thoughts; feelings of light-headedness or vertigo; tingling/chills in the extremities; nausea; tense(d) muscles; constricted chest; dryness of mouth; trembles; shakes; sweats; breathing struggles; and/or odd feelings of being detached, or that things are unreal or strange.

In the fifties, sixties, and early seventies (and sometimes probably now), my mother had panic attacks. She would call for one of us to “go get her one of [her] pills”, would remove herself from the source—usually one of us—of the anxiety, and be fine within twenty minutes to a half an hour. While this is seemingly a now obsolete or defunct anxiety disorder treatment, my mother—whom people labeled as “oh, just a little high-strung”—was actually making use of some of the more effective of anxiety disorder treatments available at the time.

Yes, the sixties were for homemakers and mothers working two jobs a time for pills. The sixties were the place also known as the Valley of the Dolls. But maybe pill-popping as an anxiety disorder treatment is not so antiquated a strategy nor so knee-jerk a solution. The response for some—especially those who are physically ill and therefore more susceptible to the disorder and the panic instances—is the only thing that works.

Others also use one of the oldest self-help anxiety disorder treatments—the paper bag.

Right before I would come to befriend her, one friend in the eighties (now a contemporary of over 25 years) would walk into the classroom before philosophy class began with her backpack, a drink, and a paper bag bunched at where the neck would be. She would breathe deeply into and out of the bag inhaling and sucking the paper with a crackle and exhaling and returning the brown lunch bag back to an expanded balloon state. Evidently, her need for this maneuver was brought on by an anxiety attack (a. k. a. panic attack)—a sudden surge of dread and fear combined with a variety of the above-described symptoms.


The anxiety attack instigates an imbalance of blood gases, for want of the appropriate amounts of carbon dioxide in the blood (often caused by the unwitting hyperventilating the anxiety-stricken individual is doing. Inhaling and exhaling steadily through the paper, then, levels out the carbon dioxide.

Because the anxiety syndrome has become more prevalent in specific cultures and countries, experts in the medical and therapeutic fields have added to their list of suggestions for self-help anxiety disorder treatments. Some of these include talking yourself up (or down, but not depressedly or negatively), taking your point of focus to a place outside of your body and bodily reactions/symptoms, and sitting calmly with a “this too shall pass” approach and attitude or mindset.

Sometimes, the anxiety attacks are not psychologically -based, but are instead symptoms accompanying a physical illness (such as hypertension, for instance). Then, the anxiety disorder treatment you seek might be more involved. Some chronic sufferers consult doctors or therapists or visit clinics dedicated to such disorders. In addition, people access the options and alternatives for anxiety disorder treatment: they partake of medications prescribed for them, get therapy (such as biofeedback/Neurofeedback or psychotherapy), or learn new life-management skills. As well, some experiencing chronic anxiety will endeavor to learn new techniques for breathing, stress-management, and better problem-solving.

While time has passed, some symptoms, syndromes, and treatments have not. And some are new and improved, depending upon severity, need, and response to healing strategies…whether it is pills for the “high-strung” or paper bags for the harangued.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Infertility Causes

Infertility causes can be complicated, they can be male, female or both parties.

Here are the most common causes of female infertility:

Structural Issues account for about 15% of female factors. Referring to issues with the anatomy of the woman, these issues cover blockages in fallopian tubes, a fibroid in the uterus, or a problem with the opening of the cervix. Some of these factors may be caused by previous medications or surgeries, like DES exposure when the woman was a fetus herself, or a surgery that would disrupt the stability or the cervix. Some of these causes may be treated with surgical intervention while others may need other forms of specialized treatment.

Mechanical Issues 25-40% of women will have fertility problems due to these issues, such as scar tissue that block the fallopian tubes or the uterus. This can also be caused by pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or endometriosis.

Ovulatory Issues As many as 30% of all causes of female infertility are due to issues with ovulation. Complete ovarian failure due to hormonal issues, etc. It could be merely a problem with the timing or detection of ovulation. This can be treated with supplements to help restore ovarian function.
Multiple or Unknown Factors It is possible that a woman will have multiple factors involved in her cause of infertility. Medical evaluation by a qualified practitioner is always important. About 10% of women will have unknown causes of infertility.

Not to be bypassed is the male reproductive system.
the leading causes for male infertility are:

Structural Issues account for 35-40% of all fertility problems. Any obstructions in the vas deferens or epididymis (the tubes that transport fertile sperm). Varicoceles (varicose veins) in the testicles are the most common cause of male tube blockages. Sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia or gonorrhoea, are also linked to tube blockage problems.

Sperm Issues Low sperm count (oligospermia) is a leading cause of infertility or subfertility issues among men. While it requires only one sperm to fertilize the ovum, the odds of conception are such that it takes million of sperm per milliliter of semen to actually achieve the goal of fertilization. A "normal" sperm count is about 20 million or more sperm per milliliter of semen. Over sixty percent of the sperm in each sample should exhibit normal morphology and indicate typical motility - the forward swimming movement. Sperm allergy is also possible. Fewer than 10 per cent of infertile women and men have immune reactions to sperm, which cause them to produce antibodies that kill sperm cells. In men, this is most common after a vasectomy. This diagnosis is controversial.

The final category include the ubiquitous 'unexplained infertility'. This catch-all term is used when doctors can't find a cause for infertility after a full series of tests and assessments. Some experts think being significantly over- or underweight, exercising excessively and even environmental toxins may be contributing factors but no direct links have been confirmed. Combination infertility is the term used to describe couples who have both male and female infertility problems, or when one partner has more than one fertility problem.

Infertility Help

Fertility is the capability to produce a healthy offspring. For most of history reproductive health problems were only applied to women, but it is increasingly being applied to males due to the significant increase in knowledge of the importance of the male role in regards to reproduction.

People struggling with infertility or problems having children of any sort may experience anger, disappointment, jealousy, and frustration. This is happening with my very close friends right now 8 loses they have gone threw and now are 2 months into this pregnacy past the worst we all pray fro then thats for sure but This issue is not only a physical challenge, it is a very emotional time as well.

Often feelings of embarrassment or inadequacy arise, which make it difficult to talk over the problems with friends and family. We understand this and have made resources available online so that you can have all your questions answered in the privacy of your on home, at any time which suits you. This website is dedicated to providing a quick and easy method to locate all your fertility help and pregnancy information needs.

Whether you’re seeking information on taking charge of your fertility, planning, calendars, ovulation kits or monitors, supplements or specialists, this site makes it simple to explore this information and make informed decisions about where to get fertility help.

This blog will always grow and be updated with the latest conception help information, so please browse around, subscribe to our RSS feed and we truly hope you find fertility help at very helpful.