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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Menstrual Cramp Relief

Here it comes - the bloating, the tension, fatigue and cramps. Your period is on its way and you have nowhere to hide. Every month this annoying necessity comes along with all of its aggravations, the worst of which has to be menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramp relief can be hard to get. Although it may sound like the last thing you would want to do during particular weeks, a lot of people recommend exercise as a way to relieve cramps.
I have found that a short jog does a lot to ease my cramps. Getting the blood flowing in your southern hemisphere is a great way to find menstrual cramp relief. Any activity that increases blood flow to that specific region can help ease pain.
A traditional method of coping with cramps is taking over the counter medicines. Pain relief medications such as Tylenol or Aleve can only go so far. If you take pain relief medicine often, it may seem to you that you have to take more and more in order to feel a marked change in your cramps. I do not recommend taking any medicine to find menstrual cramp relief because you will begin taking it habitually every time that unwanted week rolls around. If you do choose to take pain relief medications for your cramps, talk to your doctor beforehand to make sure that you are not adversely affecting your health.
Many women carry tension in their lower backs during menstruation. Perhaps it is the extra water weight we are carrying or the high stress levels and agitation that often accompany this time. A lower back massage can relieve tension and pain in this region and may help increase blood flow. I know some women who use a heating pad to ease menstrual cramps and they say that it works well. I am not a big fan of this option because sitting around with a heating pad on your stomach can be uncomfortable. Could you imagine using this option in the summer?
If you want to use heat therapy in your quest to find menstrual cramp relief, I would recommend taking a long, hot bath. A bubble bath may help relieve your pain, relax your muscles and mind. No woman looks forward to her period. Experiment with ways of coping with menstrual discomfort and listen to your body's responses. You may just be able to find a way to coexist happily with your southern system.