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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Early Pregnancy Testing

Early Pregnancy Testing
When you are trying to conceive, you are anxious to know if you are pregnant or not, and many women fall into the trap of early pregnancy testing to find out as soon as possible. I have watched otherwise sane individuals drop major money for test after test when they should otherwise know better. What makes me angry is that the pregnancy testing industry seems to be pushing early pregnancy testing and they are making big bucks off of it.
If you watch daytime television you have probably seen the commercials stating you can test as early as four or even five days before you are expecting your period. There are so many reasons why this is just not wise. For one thing, you can get a lot of false negatives this way, and it can be very disappointing when in fact you may be pregnant. Women who have been trying and trying may drop a lot of cash to test when the hormones have not built up to the point where they can be detected. False negatives in early pregnancy testing are very common.
When you consider the cost of a good pregnancy test, you can see why early pregnancy testing can be a waste of money. Women who want to be pregnant and who see a negative test will go out and buy a new one and keep testing until their period has come. If you were to just wait until you are sure your period is late to test, you are going to save a lot of money, and you are going to have results that you can rely on. As far as I am concerned, companies that push products for early pregnancy testing are taking advantage of women who are having trouble conceiving and want a baby desperately.
If you are having trouble conceiving, and are wasting a lot of money on early pregnancy testing, stop and ask yourself why you are doing it. You should look into fertility awareness to help you along in your quest for pregnancy. This involves taking your temperature each day, and this can get you information you may not have had. Not only can you tell when you ovulate, you can tell if you are pregnant without taking early pregnancy testing. If you know what you are doing, you can pinpoint the day you conceived and you can tell if your body is nurturing an egg, or if it is preparing for the next cycle. In fact, you may find you don’t need a pregnancy test at all!